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Road Worthy Test Ravenhall & Caroline Springs | Qualified Road Worthy Test

Road Worthy Test Ravenhall

Road worthy means that a car is fit enough to be driven on a road. For being road worthy, a car must meet all the safety standards. The certificate of road worthiness is needed when you want to sell a vehicle or re-register a used vehicle. It is usually issued by the automaker or a licensed vehicle tester. At Singh auto care we will check if your vehicle is road worthy and can pass the inspection. And unlike others, we just charge a nominal cost for that depending on the condition and type of the vehicle.

The thorough inspection of road worthiness includes many aspects. First of all, the tyres of your car should be in good condition and not worn out. It should be free from any cracks or breakage. Moreover, the tire pressure should also be as recommended by the automaker and should be inflated or deflated if needed. In order to be road worthy, all the interior and exterior lights of a vehicle should function in a proper way including the number plate lights, fog lights and indicators. Apart from that the headlights and brake lights should also work seamlessly, because these are the most important ones for a car to be road worthy.

Talking about fluids and oiling, the engine and brakes should have proper oiling without any leakage. And the fluid for windscreen wash, coolants and brakes should be topped up. Also there should not be any fluid leaks and low fluid level. The windscreen of your car should also be clear and free of any damage. A small crack in the windscreen can reduce the vision of a driver. If you notice any star crack or bulls-eye in your windscreen, get it fixed by a professional. One should also check their car for any rust or breakage, because it can be an outcome of some leaks. Apart from that, all the safety features should also be checked like seat belts, air bags and braking system. The brakes should be in a good condition so you can stop your car in a timely manner in order to avoid a crash. Any unusual vibrations or squealing brakes indicate that they need to get replaced. The rear view mirrors and external mirrors should also me securely mounted in order to give a clear vision to the driver. Any damage in them should be fixed to make the car road worthy. The steering handle is the main component while driving, and that is why it should be in perfect condition. The oiling and fluids of power steering should be checked regularly.

Approx 10 percent of all the accidents on roads occur due to unworthiness of the vehicles. Whether you get a brand new car or a second hand car, make sure that you get it tested for being roadworthy. It is important because you risk many lives on road if your car is not in a good condition. At Singh Auto Care, we would also provide you some tips on how you can keep your vehicles roadworthy by yourselves.

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