Affordable Reverse Camera Installation Ravenhall & Caroline Springs

Reverse Camera

Reverse Camera Installation Ravenhall

We are into Reverse Camera Installation. Our process includes installation of camera supplied by either customer or purchased from us. The materials used for the installation along with concealing all wirings are tested as per quality standards. Testing of the camera and providing all the necessary instructions to maintain the camera durability and visibility. We have dedicated team of experts who take care of any features to be upgraded in your car. We have all the right tools along with right people to install the camera. We do it quick and as safe as possible.

At Singh Auto Care, we can fit the reverse camera in almost all the car brands. Reverse Camera Is required in looking back while taking reverse or parking. The reverse camera is also available with parking sensors and it can be fitted as per customer’s requirement. The parking sensor equipment will help you avoid any accident or scratches while parking your car. After fitting this camera in your car you will be more confident while driving. Imagine the ease through which you will be able to park your car in heavy traffic or in congested areas.

The camera comes in different colours and if it is not matching to your car we will update the colour accordingly. The parking camera and sensors get activated when you take reverse and it shows you the video on your monitor of the backside which helps you to park your car. It gets deactivated automatically once you are back to front gears or neutral. The system activates when you select reverse, and de-activates when the driver disengages reverse gear.

There are various multimedia models available nowadays in reverse camera such as with Bluetooth, USB Port and I Pod etc. You can also add GPS feature to the same reverse camera. It is always necessary that for these works you need to go to professionals only. We understand completely about the cars and wirings which need to be done correctly to connect all these features in the car. From drilling a hole for camera to checking the camera, all are taken care at our end. We believe in quality of work and satisfaction of our customers and hence we make sure that you get right services within quick time. Every step requires precision and our team is capable of doing the same. We also make sure that we don’t charge higher or anything extra from our customers. Since our belief is that customer is the king. As we don’t want you to take any trouble because of our work, we make sure that we complete our work in such a way that you don’t have to come back again with faults in our work. Once you will experience our services, we believe that you will give us more opportunity for any of your car care requirements as we are one stop solution for your car needs.

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