Affordable Music System Installation Ravenhall & Caroline Springs

Music System Installation

Music System Installation Ravenhall

We at Singh Auto Care provide complete solutions to your car needs. From interior to exterior of your car, we handle everything whether it is related to music system installation or wheel balancing. A good car is not complete without a good music system and we know how to install that Music System and tune it to perfection. We have experienced hands with us who are good at it and provide you excellent services. We make sure that system will sound the same in your car as it sounds in our showroom.

At Singh Auto Care, we offer various options for music systems as per quality and price which you can select from. If you are a music lover, there are also various other speakers & amplifiers which are available with us to increase the output and quality of music in your car such as Component speakers, Coaxial speakers, Subwoofer etc. We can also customize the subwoofer enclosures as per your car. The price will keep on changing as per your additions to it. We can also fit Bluetooth hands-free options with that system depending on your requirements.

If you wish to procure music system externally we are completely fine with this. We will fit the system in your car with complete safety and with assurance of no complaints from our part. We can fit almost all brands of music systems. Singh Auto Care is a diversified auto care company and we have years of experience in doing so. There is sometimes a hitch in the mind of a customer that the warranty of his car will be void in case of music system being installed outside, but this is not correct as we take proper care and make sure that no such wires are being cut or any feature being tampered which will void the warranty of your car from the manufacturer. Usually it is socket to socket fittings.

Sometimes even after getting a very good music system, sound does not come properly. It may happen because of wrong placement of sub woofers or woofers in your car which is not giving you the correct sound optimization. At Singh Auto Care we have such people who can identify these areas and fit the system accordingly. We also use all the branded wires and sockets while installing the system. We never compromise on the quality part. When it comes to quality of sound we also make sure that the radio is working properly by fitting and checking the antenna on your car. Our wirings are done so neat that you will not be able to see it and it will not get affected by one.

We believe in true honesty and work accordingly. We have complete knowledge of stereo systems and its fittings. If you want us to advice at any given point we will help you. Also our certified and experienced staff will assist you with identifying the right music system as per your car model and manufacturer. Bring your car carefree at Singh Auto Care.

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