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Brake Check Up Ravenhall

Brake Check Up, If your car takes a few seconds to stop, then it’s time that you get your brakes checked up. Whenever there is a discrepancy in the braking system, your car may start to give out some signals which you usually ignore. The brake dashboard light may turn red, indicating some imbalance in the brakes. Secondly, whenever you apply brakes, you listen to some constant squealing sound or your vehicle pulls to left side or right side. Moreover, if your brake pedal is also slow to respond then you may not ignore this situation. All these problems arise due to many reasons, and the brake fluid contamination is the most common one. After few years, the brake fluid in your car can get contaminated when the moisture starts building in it. As a result, the brake components start getting eroded due to their copper content. This is a sign that the brake fluid needs to be changed. Another reason is the air bubbles in the brake fluid line caused due to some leaks. You may start feeling that your brake pedal has become very spongy and is very soft to press. Even in this case you may need to get your brakes checked up. It is always a good idea to get your brakes checked up every 12,000 miles or once a year even if you do not notice any discrepancy. We recommend this because proper braking system ensures the safety of you and other co-passengers and also prevents you from any further costly failures of the braking system. So stop ignoring the improper working of brakes and visit our centre.

At Singh auto care, you can get a free 5 point safety brake check up. Our technicians would examine the lining of your brake system along with other key components and would suggest the needed repair. There are many components in a braking system and our technicians would help you decide that which part needs to be replaced. This suggestion would be based on the condition of your car’s brake components. Moreover, they would also let you know if your car does not need any brake repair. It is common for the brake pads to experience some wear and tear during its life and they are meant to be changed after a span of time. Whenever you try to stop your car, the brake pads rub on to the brake disk and that is the reason for wear out.

Our Brake Check Up repair packages are very pocket friendly and start from 90$. Once you get an estimate, we can discuss the brake repair packages which will fit in your budget. We also make sure that the repair is made in accordance with the recommendation of your vehicle’s manufacturer. We know that cost-effective solutions are very important for you. And that is why we have designed many packages to fit your budget. Visit our center to know more about how you can increase the life of your brakes and get them repaired in an effective manner.

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