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Every car is designed in a way that it requires basic servicing after some time. It also becomes important if you want to increase the resale value of your car and avoid any expensive repair work in future. Moreover, regular service also helps you to avoid any mishap which could occur due to failure of any component. One should always get a service schedule for their car in order to get regular services. And for that look no further, as Singh Auto Care has got you covered. Our basic service package starts from 80$ and can be customized as per your needs. This includes all the basic check-ups and maintenance which your car needs at least once in a year.

Our basic service pack includes all the scheduled services which are necessary for your car’s maintenance. Although these packages are different for every car based on their engine, transmission, mileage and the distance covered. Basic service includes many things like washing and cleaning the front windscreen, filling up the windscreen washer fluid, checking the oil level, checking the pressure of tires and correcting it, checking the fluids of brakes, clutch and steering along with topping them up, and also looking up the condition of battery. All the above services are not a big deal but make a big difference in the long run. It not only increases the efficiency of your car but also makes it a lot safer. It is of great value, because such a small amount can save you some big time on huge repair bills.

The oil and filter change done in basic service is one of the most important and crucial part of a service. It makes sure that your car gives good fuel efficiency along with running reliably. Talking about the tire pressure, it is important to maintain an optimum air pressure in order to ensure your safety, increase the life of tire and improve the fuel efficiency and driving performance. Moving over to the engine oil and filter, both the components need to be replaced on a regular basis. Oil is the lifeline of engine and lubricates it to fight against friction and heat. Moreover, without proper oiling, the engine of your car would burn to ashes. Same goes for the oiling of brakes, clutch and steering.

At Singh Auto Care, you will get all the above services in a reasonable price. We also do not have any hidden costs and would inform you in advance before going for any further services apart from the basic service package.

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