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Affordable Air Conditioner Gas Filling Ravenhall & Caroline Springs

Air Conditioner Gas Filling Ravenhall

If your car’s air conditioner has stopped being icy cold, then its time that you need a Air Conditioner Gas Filling. Air conditioning is one thing which is a must for a comfortable ride and you cannot compromise on it at any time. Not only for comfort, it has also become a status symbol nowadays. it has become a must if you are maintaining a luxury car. Image you are off to a long ride on a sunny day, an improper air conditioning system can be a big turn off. You need air conditioners not only in summer but in winters as well to combat the foggy windscreen. It is always a good practice to get your air conditioning system to be serviced once in every 2 years, but people usually ignore this. This results in a faulty system which gives rise to many other problems. The possible outcomes can be leaks in refrigerant, faulty or loose compressor or cracks in seals due to non-working for a long time. But the main reason of cooling problem in your AC is the lack of a coolant named Freon, and that is why you need a regular Air Conditioner Gas Filling.

It is a big myth among people that for gas filling you need to shell out a huge amount of money. Moreover, with regular gas filling in air conditioner, you would save a huge amount by avoiding any further damage. Our air conditioner gas filling package starts from 20$ and includes a twenty five point check. Our trained mechanics will perform a number of tests before determining the faults in your air conditioning system. They are experts in this field with many years of experience They work in order to get your AC in top condition by determining the accurate refrigerant level of the cooling coils. During the procedure, the system is placed in a vacuum so that any residual moisture or refrigerant is eliminated. Then the replenishment of system oil takes place. After that it is thoroughly examined for any leaks or cracks. And then the gas is filled to manufacturer’s recommended levels if there are no discrepancies found.

Our service center has all the latest technology equipment’s which ensure that the work is done quickly and in a more effective manner. We work in a systematic way so that there are no loop holes left and you wont have to visit us again and again. Every procedure is carried on with 100% perfection. Once you experience our services, you would not visit any other service center in the town.

Talking about air conditioning service, it is not only important for your car but for the environment as well. Any leakage of the refrigerant gas is very harmful for the environment. It harms the ozone layer in the long run and also contributes to global warming. Proper maintenance of air conditioning system prevents this gas to get released into the atmosphere. So it becomes your duty to protect your environment.

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