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Since fuel prices have become a real issue for every motorist so it is essential that you make the most of every liter that you get! It is important to know how to cut your costs such as how to save the fuel and which driving technique can help you consume fuel efficiently.

Although many cars are now fuel-efficient, however, the efficiency is measured through miles per gallon but there are still many things that can help you boost your fuel efficiency and also are cost-effective.

Let’s have a look at some top tips that will increase fuel efficiency and help you save on petrol.

Main your ride:

Keeping the vehicle in the best shape is something that reduces costs and that includes regular car services and getting everything fixed in time if it is not in good working condition.

Get rid of extra weight:

If you have a roof rack on your car and you don’t use then you must get rid of it. Moreover, if you have extra stuff such as car seats, toys or footballs- get rid of them and make sure you have a clean and spacious ride as it will ease your commute. Also do not forget to check the boot of your car and ensure that it is lighter in weight and clean. This will help you save fuel especially when you driving uphill.

Fill tank when needed:

You must remember that you should always fill up your tank whenever you feel the need. Avoiding a fuller tank and only having the amount needed will help you judge the amount of fuel that you have to use as per requirement. Keep a record of how much fuel you get every time and in this way, you will know how much fuel is required to go from point A to reach point B. Note the fuel consumed in liters and not in prices because the price is always fluctuating and noting down the liters will help you get the exact estimate.

Don’t hit the accelerator much:

The way you drive your vehicle can make a big impact on the amount of petrol or diesel you consume. Try to keep your driving style smooth and with gentle acceleration with the safe gear you will be using lesser fuel as compared to the amount of fuel used while going full throttle. You don’t need to hit the accelerator if you see the green light turning yellow or red; it is okay to wait till the signal goes green again. This will not only keep your ride fuel-efficient but also keeps your driving safer.

Don’t leave the car idle:

When you have to make a quick stop and you think that it is okay to keep the engine running- don’t do that! That is going to consume roughly half a gallon of your fuel and also will keep the carbon-di-oxide emission into the atmosphere constantly. Turn off the engine and never leave it idle, even for a minute. Since many modern cars are more efficient these days and are likely to burn lesser fuel by turning off the engine and then restarting the car to move again.

The stop-start engine:

If your car has a stop-start engine then it is better to use it. Keeping the foot on the clutch amid traffic or signals will keep the fuel burning and if you simply keep the car at neutral and just use the stop-start system that will help you save fuel and also money eventually.

Driving downhill:

Usually, people save fuel through coasting that is rolling without gear downhill. It is true that it might not cost you extra but this practice isn’t going to save on your fuel. Many modern cars come with Electronic Control Units that allow the car to use lesser fuel while doing downhill. Moreover, you have to be very vigilant while driving downhill because the car moves in speed while going downhill.

Air conditioner impact:

Your air conditioner usage makes a huge impact on your fuel consumption. Whenever you cool your car with air-con, it is heating up the engine and reduces fuel at the same time. Make sure to use the A/C when it is really needed. You need a perfectly functional engine to keep the vehicle moving and that includes being fuel-efficient while using air-con.

Combine journey:

Avoid making several quick trips and just combine every trip in one round trip to save fuel. You keep turning on the engine as soon as it cools down; it ends up using more fuel. Whenever you feel you have something important to attend to, make sure you do all the important chores in one go.

Try and follow these easy tips and you will begin to notice the difference in your vehicle in no time. These tips will help you save fuel, money, and time as well.

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